Explaining his work themes


In this series ramu introduces into his work a “bi-facial” character comprising of two expressions: a mediative and an alert one.. The character is an important part of the landscape inmersing into the colorful and nature life in an environment of either forest, jungle or desert surrounding. The landscape, plants and trees, shrubs, flowers, cacti, fruits, leaves and animals, share their lives with the character in this contemplative environmental encounter.


The theme of the traditional “Mexican piñata” is adopted by ramu in a transformative expression of some of the known Mexican fruits: pineapple, papaya, watermelon, avocado, melon, or the simple gourd, come colorfully to life as a “piñata”. The end peaks with coilly color are characteristics that can not be left out and holiday spirit dress-up these pieces despite static, but explosive in color, invite everyone for “breaking” and discover sweets and savor of Mexican candies and fruits.”


Ramu´s works vary in color, orientation and graphics on other topics or themes  including venturing into other forms of brushwork capturing key variants and expressing different moods depending on what he wants to show and depict. He has great ability to handle volume, light and shadow. Ramu is open to public request if asked to paint a personal or special work.